Nsaru District Secondary School

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Type Secondary school
Computers installed 50
Started 2011
Finished 2012
School enrollment / primary users 320
Other access 640
In partnership with National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Read more » NICE logo

Nsaru Secondary School is one of the 5 ICT centres in FAIR's/NICE's 2011 pilot project - as with 3 other schools, it's located in Dowa.

In late 2011, the school was part of an evaluation study, and a team from FAIR and NICE found that the school was very strict about integrating feeder school access - allowing it's own teachers to train students from other schools that didn't have ICT teachers.

After the initial 2 years where NICE provided the maintenance for the school, the project hasn't been renewed. FAIR and NICE, however continue to be in touch with the school and will establish new projects in the same area or restart the project during 2016.

Since the end of the project period, the school has been assisted by NICE volunteers from Mchinji, keeping the hardware maintained, and in late 2016, it was visited and a reported 42 computers are functional.


Images from Nsaru District Secondary School

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